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Hanne Albert is one of the leading scientists in the world in back pain and Modic changes and goes by the nickname "The Queen of Modic".
Hanne Albert is originally trained as a physiotherapist, has a Master of Public Health and a Ph.D. in health sciences.

Hanne Albert has the last 10 years researching Modic changes, she has received several awards for her research and has gained international recognition for her pioneering work. It has had Hanne Albert's research focus is the cause / causes of Modic changes and how you can treat patients suffering from back pain due to this disease in the most efficient manner. You could say that we have succeeded against all expectations and her research work with antibiotic therapy for Modic changes are so momentous that it has been cited as the basis for a possible Nobel Prize.
In the last 19 years, Hanne Albert has given advise and counsled patients with Modic changes.





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