You are most velcome to send the CD with your MRI for an evaluation of the type of Modic changes that you have, this service i free.
The MRI must be a maximum of 1 year old. 

If you do not have an MRI and want a new, When arranging for a referral for an MRI scan, make sure is has clear instructions to request that the scanner is set-up correctly to identify Modic changes.  A standard MRI scan is not adequate.  So it is best to re-confirm the Modic-changes capability with the staff at the Imaging facility when you attend there. In Denmark, we recommend the Private Hospital in Esbjerg ( ) as they are one of the leading experts in scanning for Modic changes and reporting on such images.  Most private clinics in Denmark charge about 500€ for this specific MRI scan.  If you have private healthcare cover, this cost should be claimable - it is always best to check with your healthcare insurer first.


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